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Loxeal 83-21 250ml jest jednoskładnikowy klej anaerobowy do metalowych elementów

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LOXEAL 83-21 is a one-component anaerobic high-strength agent with a very short polymerization time for fixing metal elements in cylindrical joints of the "shaft-hub" type, protects against leakage and corrosion. Hardening of the product takes place after the supply of air (oxygen) in the gap between the two metal surfaces is cut off. It is especially useful for mounting bearings, drive wheels, bushings, keyways, etc. The product can be used in systems operating at elevated temperatures.


The glue creates a flexible joint, which sufficiently secures the "shaft-hub" connection against self-loosening and rotation or sliding of the parts, and replaces the thermal and push-in method when assembling the elements. The product is resistant to gas, air, water, oils, alkalis and many other chemicals, as well as shock and vibration. It maintains its properties in a wide range of operating temperatures. It is especially used where it is required to transfer large axial loads and moments as well as difficult disassembly of the connection. The adhesive also guarantees 100% protection against corrosion and tightness. The addition of a fluorescent substance allows the presence of glue in the joint to be detected using a UV lamp


Anaerobic adhesive begins to polymerize (harden) after cutting off the oxygen supply from its surface in the presence of a catalyst in the form of contact with the metal surface. The rate of polymerization depends on external factors and the properties of the adhesive itself. The parameters influencing the polymerization rate are: the type of material from which the joint elements are made, the size of the joint gap, the ambient temperature, the use of a chemical activator.

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