Metalworking coolants

We offer emulsifying and non-emulsifying coolants (machining oils) by Zeller & Gmelin for processing aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron and other materials. They perfectly protect machining tools in the process of milling, drilling, turning, stamping, broaching and extrusion. These are the highest quality products that are safe for employees - they do not contain harmful and carcinogenic compounds, and are hypoallergenic.

Industrial adhesives

We offer a full range of anaerobic adhesives: adhesives for sealing threads, for sealing pipe joints, for mounting bearings and coaxial parts; structural adhesives: methacrylic adhesives, epoxy adhesives, acrylic adhesives. We recommend cyanoacrylate adhesives for instant bonding. The offer is complemented by products for degreasing and surface preparation, adhesive activators and primers increasing the adhesion of the adhesive.

2K glue mixing nozzle 10:1, 9cm
2K glue mixing nozzle 10:1, 9cm
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2K glue mixing nozzle 1:1 50ml, 9cm
2K glue mixing nozzle 1:1 50ml, 9cm
€0.87 €0.71
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Anaerobic adhesives and the type of material 0
Anaerobic adhesives and the type of material

Anaerobic adhesives or anaerobic adhesives are a very specific group of preparations, intended for use in joining mainly metal surfaces. Anaerobic adhesives react when in contact with metal, which is their catalyst. They harden when the air supply is eliminated, while maintaining the appropriate temperature and the size of the gap used.

Anaerobic adhesives are designed to protect threaded connections against unscrewing, to seal threaded connections, to protect metal elements against vibrations. Anaerobic products also allow filling gaps between adjacent metal surfaces, ensuring high resistance of the joint against external factors. Anaerobic adhesives are also used for fixing pipe connections, for screw-nut connections, guaranteeing high strength of the joined elements.

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Gluing magnets - which glue to choose? 0
Gluing magnets - which glue to choose?

Due to the huge range of applications of magnets in many industries and industries, it is necessary to combine them with other materials. Various techniques are used to do this. Usually it is welding, but more and more often gluing. Bonding magnets with other materials using adhesives does not require much experience and can be done both in industrial and home conditions. Currently, magnet bonding is very often used in the assembly process of electric motors. However, in order to obtain a permanent connection, we must be sure that the glue used for it is properly selected.

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How to test the adhesive joint? Test methods 0
How to test the adhesive joint? Test methods

After choosing the right glue, preparing the surface, choosing the technique of applying the glue and finally gluing the selected elements, you still wonder whether the adhesive joint you have chosen will meet the requirements set for it? Will it prove to be strong enough, durable and resistant to various factors? In this article, we will tell you how to dispel these doubts and what methods to use for testing adhesive joints.

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