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Hydraulic oils are commonly used in hydraulic drives and damping systems. They allow you to obtain very high force by compressing to high pressures. In addition, they lubricate the device components, thus minimizing friction and wear of its components. The most important parameters of the hydraulic oil are:

  • kinematic viscosity mm 2 / s, usually given at 40 ° C, is strongly dependent on temperature
  • flash-point
  • pour point


Classification of hydraulic oils

There are several classes of hydraulic oils, which differ in purpose, the amount of enriching additives improving anti-corrosion and anti-foam properties, as well as the content of viscosity modifiers and detergents. We distinguish according to the ISO 6743-4 and DIN 51524 standards:

  • HH oil class (defined only by the ISO standard) - mineral oils, no additives, very rarely used now, for old machines with very low loaded systems
  • HL class of oils (defines both ISO and DIN) - mineral oils, contain oxidation and corrosion inhibitors, are used in moderately loaded hydraulic systems that operate under relatively constant ambient temperature conditions. It is a very popular group of oils
  • HR oils class (defined only by the ISO standard) - mineral oils contain oxidation and corrosion inhibitors, additionally enriched with viscosity modifiers. They can work in changing temperature conditions with moderate loads. Rarely used.
  • HLP (ISO) / HM (DIN) oil class - deeply refined mineral oils, contain AW anti-seize and anti-wear EP additives, oxidation inhibitors. Used in high pressure systems subjected to high loads.
  • HV (ISO) / (HVLP) (DIN) oils class - mineral oils, contain oxidation and corrosion inhibitors, EP and AW additives and viscosity modifiers - this distinguishes them from HLP / HM oils. Used in high-pressure systems that operate in varying ambient temperature conditions.
  • HLPD oil class (defined only by the DIN standard) - mineral oils with the same additives as HLP / HM oils and additionally detergents and dispersants that neutralize foreign substances in the oil, preventing its degradation. Used in systems in contact with water.

Shell Tellus hydraulic oils

Tellus hydraulic oils provide excellent hydraulic system performance, protection of the hydraulic pump and extended service life. Optimally selected oil allows for better power transmission, which increases the efficiency of the entire hydraulic system.

The advantages of Tellus S2 MX HLP and S2 VX HV grades are:

  • excellent air release parameters
  • very good water separation ability
  • long service life

Tellus S4 ME - maximum oil life

Shell Tellus S4 ME is a unique formula of synthetic hydraulic oil that allows up to four times longer intervals between oil changes. In addition, it allows to significantly increase the efficiency of the system and thus reduce energy consumption. Up to a 6.4% reduction in electricity consumption can be achieved in one injection molding machine (the actual results depend on the condition of the system, type of oil currently used, application, operating conditions and intensity of wear).

Orlen hydraulic oils

Orlen hydraulic system oils are an excellent price-quality ratio. The products meet the latest requirements of manufacturers of hydraulic systems. We offer HL, HLP, HV and HLPD oils in the full range of viscosities.

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