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Loctite Anaerobic Adhesives

We offer our customers Loctite brand anaerobic metal threadlockers, from easy-release, low-strength, general-purpose anaerobics for small threads (Loctite 222) to high-strength, high-viscosity bearing retention products (Loctite 638).

Loctite products are anaerobic adhesives, i.e. substances that cure (polymerize) in an anaerobic environment in contact with metal ions, i.e. in various threaded connections made of, for example, steel. Anaerobic sealants are applied to these connections - after tightening the screw to the thread, the glue hardens, making the connection much more resistant to vibrations.

Loctite anaerobic adhesives from our offer are not only anaerobic thread adhesives, but also thread sealants (including pipe threads) and flange joints or fastening products. Our offer includes the following products:

  • Loctite 222 (low strength, easy disassembly);
  • Loctite 243 (medium strength, moderate disassembly);
  • Loctite 270 (high strength, hard to disassemble);
  • Loctite 518 (flange joint sealant);
  • Loctite 577 (pipe thread sealant);
  • Loctite 638 (for retaining coaxial parts);
  • Loctite 2400 (medium strength, no hazardous substances).

Products designed to seal threaded connections - thread sealants such as Loctite 577 - are designed to be used in both high and low pressure systems and installations. Their form allows you to fill the space between the individual threaded elements of the system. Effect? Almost instantaneous sealing! When the sealant becomes solid (hardens completely), the seal becomes very strong and corresponds to the resistance of the installation.

Flange sealing products, on the other hand, are used to create a blockage or an impervious barrier. It is of particular importance in preventing gases and liquids from escaping through joint leaks. Loctite 518 is one such product and is formulated to create barriers that are resistant to certain gases and liquids. It does not dissolve or unseal after contact with them, ensuring the safety not only of a given connection, but of the entire system!

Preparations such as Loctite 638 are used to fix coaxial parts. They increase the level of strength of bushings, bearings, as well as coaxial parts and the axles themselves. They prevent or significantly slow down the appearance of the so-called fretting corrosion and prevent excessive, premature wear of coaxial elements.

In our store, the products are available in containers of various capacities, so that customers can more easily adjust the desired volume of the product to their needs and requirements in specific situations, i.e. depending on the intended use (sealing, fixing, gluing)!

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