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Loctite and Teroson anti-corrosion agents - properties and application

Loctite and Teroson anti-corrosion products protect metal components from corrosion, convert rust into inert organic compounds that can be painted over.

Depending on the type of product, Loctite can:

  • remove rust (Loctite SF 7500)
  • short-term corrosion prevention (Loctite SF 7515)
  • create a long-lasting protective coating (Loctite SF 7800, Loctite SF 7803)
  • protect vehicle chassis against corrosion caused by water and road salt (Teroson WX 980, Teroson WX 970, Teroson WX 950)
  • maintain closed profiles of vehicles and elements in the engine compartment (Teroson WX 400, Teroson WX 350, Teroson WX 215, Teroson WX 210)


LOCTITE SF 7803 400 ml Anti-corrosion coating LOCTITE SF 7803 400 ml Anti-corrosion coating
Vendor: Loctite
Price: €12.87 (net: €10.47 )
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Molykote 3400A 500g anti-corrosive protective coating Molykote 3400A 500g anti-corrosive protective coating
Vendor: Molykote
Price: €117.02 (net: €95.14 )
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TEROSON VR 4510 Anti-corrosion primer 400 ml x12 pcs TEROSON VR 4510 Anti-corrosion primer 400 ml x12 pcs
Vendor: Teroson
Price: €16.94 (net: €13.77 )
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Anti-corrosion agent - high-quality anti-corrosion protection from Melkib

Our offer includes advanced anti-corrosion preparations that effectively protect various metal surfaces against corrosion, thus extending their service life and ensuring failure-free operation. The products in our range feature formulas that are the result of many years of experience in the field of anti-corrosion protection and have been developed by leading manufacturers. Thanks to this, they are able to meet a variety of even the most demanding industrial conditions.

The offered products include, among others, anti-corrosion spray, anti-corrosion protection in the form of a preparation for the maintenance of industrial machinery and equipment and weapons, protective coatings, creeping oil, anti-corrosion liquid based on mineral oil and wax, as well as many other specialized preparations. Individual products create a durable barrier on the metal surface, effectively preventing contact with moisture and atmospheric factors, which are the main causes of corrosion.

Anti-corrosion preparation - how to choose the best one?

To choose the best anti-corrosion agent tailored to your needs, it is worth paying attention to, among other things, the density of the anti-corrosion preparation, which affects its protective and application properties. Thicker formulations can provide a thicker protective layer, which is especially desirable in conditions where the metal is exposed to intense corrosive factors. Viscosity is another important parameter that must be taken into account. An anti-corrosion preparation with a higher viscosity adheres better to the surface, creating a layer that does not flow or create streaks. This is a useful feature for vertical or inclined surfaces. In turn, an anti-corrosion agent with a lower viscosity is easier to apply with a brush, and deeply penetrates microcracks and crevices, providing comprehensive protection.

The operating temperature range of the anti-corrosion preparation is also important. This is a parameter that determines under what conditions a given product maintains its protective properties. When choosing an anti-corrosion fluid, take into account the specific environmental conditions in which it will be used. Some products are designed to work at low or high temperatures.

Anti-corrosion fluid - professional advice only at Melkib

At Melkib, we offer technical support and advice to our customers, helping them choose the most appropriate anti-corrosion solutions for the specific needs of their business. Thanks to this, you can be sure that the anti-corrosion protection products you use not only meet the highest quality standards, but are also optimally suited to your requirements and specific work.

If you are looking for reliable anti-corrosion products and have trouble selecting them, contact us via chat on the Melkib website. Our experts will help you choose the right anti-corrosion preparation that will ensure long-term protection of your devices and infrastructure.

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