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Preparations with waxes, anti-corrosion waxes

Wax preparations have a variety of uses. Products from our offer play the role of, among others:

  • release agents (release waxes);
  • calibrated waxes.

The calibrated wax from our offer is used for gluing LRTM forms. Depending on the model, the package contains from one to eight pieces of calibrated wax with a thickness of:

  • 1mm;
  • 2mm;
  • 3mm;
  • 4mm.

The size of the sheet is 305 by 610 millimeters and is constant, the product models differ only in thickness (each model, regardless of its type, has its own constant thickness).

A product called calibrated wax helps to set the appropriate thickness of composite elements, even in the case of gluing forms characterized by high complexity and geometry with a high degree of complexity. The LRTM technology helps to reduce the emission of styrene to the environment, as well as to make the unpleasant odor during the production of composite elements much less annoying. This is extremely important not only from the point of view of the comfort of the employee or residents living in the areas around the plant. It is also important for the good of the planet, which preparations of this type try not to disturb.

We also offer our customers preparations with wax with anti-adhesive properties, i.e., for example, separation waxes. They are used to cover molds additionally reinforced with glass fibre. The composition of the preparation is based on natural Karnauba wax (the same wax that is used to protect car paints), as well as spreading agents with appropriate parameters and a binder that gives the product the right consistency and viscosity. Carnauba wax has very interesting properties, it is an extremely durable substance and resistant to a number of external factors. It is an excellent basis for preparations from our offer and proves the quality of the products we sell.

Products of this type spread very easily at the application site, creating a deformation-resistant wax coating. It is shiny and does not discolor forms and materials with which it comes into contact. The wax itself is friendly to the environment and users, therefore its use does not cause pollution and does not leave toxic intermediates. It is important to store the wax correctly.

If the lid is not closed, the solvents contained in the product will start to evaporate, making the substance simply less effective and durable. Well stored separation waxes can be used for up to three years!

Calibrated and separating waxes - in our store we offer customers variety, quality and efficiency, which is why we are convinced that the preparations from the assortment will meet the requirements of those buyers who have chosen our store! To create the best offers, we choose only products from recognized and tested by us producers of specialist adhesives or calibrated waxes, as well as other products in our store's offer!

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