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Mould cleaners, rust removers

Our offer also includes cleaning agents for polyester molds, auxiliary agents for repair work and rust removers. Each of the preparations is used in a variety of work environments, for example in the plastics processing industry, machine industry, in service, repair or maintenance work, as well as in cleaning various surfaces and injection molds.

The so-called mold cleaners are preparations that are very often used in the processing industry of various types. One type of processing industry is plastics processing, where so-called injection molds are used. These are very precise instruments that are responsible for the production of elements made of synthetic materials. Using the injection technique, the substance in a workable (plasticized) form is placed in the injection mold, where it then solidifies and takes its final shape.

Loctite Frekote PMC 5l Mold cleaner Loctite Frekote PMC 5l Mold cleaner
Vendor: Frekote
Price: €112.37 (net: €91.36 )
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Wiko rust remover with mos2 400ml Wiko rust remover with mos2 400ml
Vendor: Wiko
Price: €6.00 (net: €4.88 )
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To prevent the plastic from sticking to the injection mold, it is protected with other agents that reduce adhesion. These agents are usually in the form of oil, wax or with the addition of silicone. Remains of these preparations must be removed to prepare the injection mold for work. Our wax dissolvers and removers help with this.

Our offer includes cleaning agents for polyester surfaces, as well as agents for cleaning epoxy and metal molds, such as, among others, Loctite Frekote PMC or a rust remover in the form of Wiko. Metal, epoxy and many other molds need specialized preparations for comprehensive cleaning, which effectively remove dirt without causing matting of the application surface.

Rust removers, in turn, are recommended for maintenance and service, as well as repair work for various reasons. First of all, because rust on threaded connections can effectively prevent their unscrewing. Rust, corrosion, seized screws in threads - rust removers help to loosen such connections, because they reach every crevice.

In addition, they act as a lubricant and also as a contact (surface) agent with anti-corrosion properties. By removing rust from a given element, it also protects it against its recurrence. Preparations of this type are also used to check the tightness of connections. After application, the substance immediately allows you to detect leaks.

Preparations from our offer should be stored at the appropriate temperature provided by the manufacturer. The substances contained in the products are often flammable, so it is worth following the rules of product application and using it within the framework specified by the manufacturer. Otherwise, the solvent may ignite.

We believe that the products from our offer will prove useful and will fulfill their task effectively and safely. We encourage you to shop and browse other product categories!

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