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Sterile 500 ml hand disinfectant gel with pump
Sterile 500 ml hand disinfectant gel with pump
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Plastic seal or flexible seal? Differences

Klejenie elastyczne vs klejenie plastyczne
Loctite and Teroson plastic sealants create plastic seals that form a barrier to media. Unlike elastic seals, they behave differently under the influence of the forces acting on the connection - they deform, while elastic seals behave similar to rubber - they are elastic.


Flexible bonding

Flexible bonding is a permanent connection of two similar or different materials with the use of a suitable glue. The advantage of elastic bonding is tolerance to relative movements of the glued elements. Most of Henkel's flexible adhesives are characterized by high internal strength, i.e. cohesion and high elasticity

Types of adhesives / plastic and flexible sealants

We can distinguish three basic groups of products:

Silicone adhesives and sealants

These products are based on three bases - acetate, alcohol and oxime. They come in the form of one-component 1K and two-component 2k products. The first ones cure under the influence of moisture, and the second ones after mixing the two components. Some 1K products cure when exposed to heat.

Products from this group are characterized by high flexibility, very good temperature resistance, excellent resistance to UV radiation and chemical substances (oil, water, glycol, etc.). They also have good adhesion to many materials without the use of primers.

MS polymers (silane modified polymers)

These products cure when exposed to moisture or when ingredients are mixed in the case of 2K products. They create flexible connections / seals. Products from this group are the Teroson MS product series.

Their advantages are: very good adhesion to most materials, excellent resistance to weather conditions and aging. They can be varnished.


Teroson RB are products based on butyl rubber and / or polyisobutylene. They adhere perfectly to metals, ceramics, glass, wood, PS, EPDM and other plastics.

These products create plastic seals, they are one-component. Immediate results after application. They are characterized by low gas and water vapor permeability. They self-vulcanize.

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