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Sterile 500 ml hand disinfectant gel with pump
Sterile 500 ml hand disinfectant gel with pump
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Loctite Protective Coatings reduce component wear by protecting it from abrasion, chemicals, cavitation, erosion and corrosion. They are suitable for use in difficult conditions. They can be used to secure:

  • pumps
  • air lines
  • heat exchangers
  • centrifuges
  • rotors
  • fan blades
  • propellers
  • pipes
  • tanks etc.

Loctite coatings for protection contain a ceramic filler, which is very durable and resistant to abrasion. Their use extends the life of machines and devices.

The corrosion and chemical protection coatings have excellent adhesion and chemical resistance. They create a durable protective coating that protects against aggressive chemical substances.

Wybór powłoki ochronnej Loctite grafika

Protective coatings, anti-corrosion agents

LOCTITE SF 7803 Anti-corrosion coating 400 ml LOCTITE SF 7803 Anti-corrosion coating 400 ml
Vendor: Loctite
Price: €10.73 (net: €8.72 )
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Advantages of Loctite Protective Coatings

  • cheaper compared to traditional methods such as: padding or spraying
  • easy to apply, especially in the case of large surfaces
  • protect against corrosion and wear
  • do not require temperature during application - they do not create unfavorable thermal stresses of the material

Anti-corrosion agents Loctite and Teroson - properties and application

Loctite and Teroson anti-corrosive products protect metal components against corrosion, convert rust into inert organic compounds that can be painted.

Depending on the type of product, Loctite products can:

  • remove rust (Loctite SF 7500)
  • prevent corrosion for the short term (Loctite SF 7515)
  • create a long-lasting protective coating (Loctite SF 7800, Loctite SF 7803)
  • protect the chassis of vehicles against corrosion caused by water and road salt (Teroson WX 980, Teroson WX 970, Teroson WX 950)
  • Maintain closed vehicle profiles and components in the engine compartment (Teroson WX 400, Teroson WX 350, Teroson WX 215, Teroson WX 210)
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