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Noise control

Noise is nothing more than high-intensity acoustic sounds perceived by humans as unpleasant and stressful. However, there are various options for damping noise levels. Materials that dampen noise are various types of soundproofing mats, foams and soundproofing masses. So what's the best way to reduce noise and sound emissions? How do soundproofing mats work?


Why is it worth using noise-dampening coatings?


It is very important that the vehicle we drive is well soundproofed. Noise can be caused by air or structures. The sound that reaches us inside the car while driving often makes driving uncomfortable and sometimes even dangerous. Noise absorption is one method of noise control. Structure-borne sound works by converting some sound energy into thermal energy as sound travels through homogeneous materials attached or glued to the body. In this way, structure-borne sound is absorbed until it reaches air-borne noise.

The second way to control noise is through insulation. Insulating sound transmitted through the structure consists in preventing the spread of noise by limiting the sound by using a flexible material for sound insulation. In order for the insulation to be better sound-absorbing, the material should be soft and have a larger surface area.

In contrast, air absorption is possible when sound energy is converted into thermal energy, while fibrous or foam materials penetrate through the sound. The denser and thicker these materials are, the better the absorption of airborne noise.

It is very important to eliminate the problem of noise by soundproofing it with coatings adapted to it.

In our offer you will find, among others, noise-dampening mats and foams from the renowned Teroson company.

  • Soundproofing mats are self-adhesive bitumen and plastic mats that dampen structural sounds. Perfect for use in vehicle floor panels and chassis. They are self-adhesive, based on a solvent-free adhesive. Perfectly adapts to the surface after heating, melts between the ribs and gaps. There are also soundproofing mats for the engine compartment, doors, trunk and other body elements.
  • Noise-dampening foams Teroson PU 9500 are a two-component noise-dampening polyurethane foam with a density of 35 kg/m³. This product is intended in particular for closed profiles, thresholds, frames and A-, B- and C-pillars. In addition to tight filling of cavities, it does not require moisturizing during use and is perfect for re-attaching soundproofing elements. Teroson foam does not spread fire and significantly reduces noise, vibrations and NVH shocks. The tightness of the product itself also applies to water and dust, which additionally supports the use of this special measure.


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