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Melkib MMA Power 10 400ml beige 2-component methacrylic adhesive for metal, stainless steel, plastics, composites, balustrades, very durable, cures quickly, resistant to impact, weather conditions

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Two-component methacrylic adhesive characterized by very high hardness. The product is mixed in a 1:1 ratio. MELKIB MMA POWER 10 works great in construction and assembly bonding. Perfectly combines composite, thermoplastic, duroplastic materials and metals. Creates very stiff and durable joints. It is recommended to use a primer on surfaces such as steel, brass, copper or aluminum for the best gluing results. The adhesive is available in two versions with an open time of 3 or 10 minutes. It is possible to order the product in drums adapted to dosing equipment for mass production.

Includes 3 mixing nozzles


Bonding ABS, Acrylic Glass, Aluminum, CRS, Stainless Steel, Epoxies, Fiberglass, FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic), FRT, Wood, Nylon, Resin, PBT, Polycarbonate, polyester, polyurethane, PPO (polyoxyphenylene), PVC, RIM, styrene, galvanized steel and many others. It works very well for bonding components of motor vehicles, electrical parts and housings, household appliances, furniture, plastic products, displays, sports goods, metal structures, etc. The joint is resistant to the influence of heat, water, moisture, water-soluble compounds chemicals and most petroleum hydrocarbons, including: gasoline, diesel oil and engine oil. The adhesive, on the other hand, is not intended for applications exposed to long-term contact with acids and bases or aggressive organic solutions such as: toluene, ketone and ester. It is recommended to carry out tests before using the product.


  • High Shore Hardness
  • unchangeable adhesive properties during use
  • long-term resistance to various media
  • thixotropic properties
  • requires limited surface preparation or primer when bonding most metals
  • easy to use also when bonding uneven and rough materials
  • reliable connection even in harsh environmental conditions
  • excellent material fatigue strength as well as impact and shock resistance
  • perfectly suitable for subsequent processing of the material, e.g. grinding, drilling, varnishing


Part A (adhesive)

Ingredient B (activator)




Consistency/Viscosity (mPas)

40,000 - 60,000

40,000 - 60,000

Proportions in the mixture



Flash point °C



Density, g/ml



Properties after mixing both components

Preparation time:

Okay. 8 - 16 min.

Binding time:

Okay. 30 - 45 minutes.

Time to reach final strength:

24 hours

Physical Properties

Filling gaps

1 - 10mm

Shore hardness


Tensile strength

About 20% - 40%

Tensile shear strength

< 24N/mm2

Temperature range

-40 °C to +100 °C


Tensile shear strength (ASTM D 1002)


Shear strength with tensile

Type of error

stainless steel / stainless steel


cohesion break

Aluminum / aluminum


cohesion break



material will fall out




fiber breakage

aluminum / ABS


material will fall out



The surfaces to be glued should always be free of dust, oil, grease and other contaminants. Every surface, even if it looks clean, usually contains various types of residue. We recommend always cleaning and degreasing the surface before gluing. In order to select the appropriate preparation, please contact our consultants.


Follow the instructions on the label or contact Melkib-bis s.c. Place the cartridge in the dispensing gun. Open the cartridge. Squeeze out a small amount of glue to make sure that both components come out. Place the mixing tip on the cartridge. Then squeeze a small amount of glue through it until it obtains a homogeneous consistency and color - the ingredients will be evenly mixed. If using recently opened or older containers, perform a test to verify the quality of the product. Squeeze out the right amount of glue on the parts so that the glue layer is at least 1 mm thick when the elements are pressed together. Note that the adhesive comes out (on the sides) to ensure that the gap is completely filled. Part movement during the curing process must be prevented. Excessive pressure on parts can negatively affect the amount and thickness of the adhesive layer, and thus the quality and strength of the joint. In case of doubt that the adhesive layer will be too thin, you can use washers (e.g. a paperclip, a piece of wire). Before removing the elements stabilizing the connection, check whether the glue has hardened on the sides, for example with a fingernail.


The shelf life of components A and B in unopened containers is approx. 6 months from the date of shipment by Melkib Klus Raczek Limited Partnership. The given time applies to storage in constant conditions at a temperature of +13 °C to +27 °C. If the product is exposed to temperatures above +27 °C, the shelf life is significantly reduced. Exposure of the product to temperatures above +38 °C during transport or during storage may lead to rapid degradation of component B. The storage time can be extended by storing in air-conditioned rooms or in cold stores at a temperature of +10 °C to +18 °C . The product must be protected against frost!


Be sure to read the SDS before using this product. Components A and B contain methyl methacrylate and are highly flammable. The product should only be used in well-ventilated areas. When the two components mix, a chemical reaction takes place during which heat is released. The amount of heat depends on the mass and intensity of the mixed components. Large amounts of the product may give off more heat and create flammable and harmful vapors. Joints with large amounts of adhesive should cure in a well-ventilated area. During the curing process, contact with the bonded elements should be minimized. Keep the unused container closed. Avoid contact with skin or eyes. In case of skin contact, wash the area with soap and water. In case of contact with the eyes, rinse them with water for 15 minutes and consult a doctor. Keep out of reach of children.


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